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* See Our Work
We are currently a one web site shop. All our efforts go into the running of:

Our highly successful Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site is a good example of how large amounts of information can be organized into a highly useful resource for teachers. See also, Praise for Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site, and Awards for Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site. This is currently our main project and includes over 600 pages of information. We have over 3,000 visitors a day, 150,000 page views a month and produce an email newsletter for 8,500 subscribers.

Davis Bates, Storyteller. This small and efficient site provides basic information, a calendar listing and photos of Davis Bates.

Past projects include:

We supervised the construction of the first phase of Sundance Publishing's web site. They produce children's literature teaching guides and sell their rebound paperback books.

Didax, Educational Resources was one of our first web sites. They market a wide range of products including unifix cubes to teachers. It includes product information, technical support for their software, a downloadable software demo and catalog request forms.

* High Quality Content
A long term web site which draws a steady stream of users must provide something of value. By choosing your content carefully, you can be sure to attract users who will be interested in your product or services. You can ensure that these users come back and that they recommend it to others by designing it to be accessible and generous with information.

* Why Choose Us?
While there are many site design companies available our company is unique in bringing expertise in the field of education to web site designing. As widely published educational authors we can use this knowledge to create the most effective sites for the educational market. You can read short bios of Rebecca Otis and Carol Otis Hurst on Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site.

Put us to work for you:

  • Creating and implementing long range plans for positioning your products or services effectively on the internet
  • Creating a pilot project to test ideas
  • Consulting on a project during its concept phase
  • Adding content and organizational elements to improve the effectiveness of existing sites
  • Increasing promotion of an already existing site
  • Integrating your Internet presence with the rest of your marketing and service departments
  • Doing demographic and user studies for an existing site to judge its effectiveness

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