The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

by Eric Carle. Picture Book. 32 pages. Grades PreK-9.
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In his first book in four years Eric Carle honors one of the great artists who inspired his singular style. The title gives a hint as to the identity of the boy narrator of the story. However, the story itself is a simple, almost wordless, tale of a child painting--a blue horse, a red alligator, a pink rabbit, a yellow cow and more. Our narrator closes with, "I am a good artist."

It is only after this that Carle includes a reproduction of "Blue Horse" by Franz Marc along with a short biography.

An expressionist, painting in Nazi Germany, his works were banned as part of "degenerate" modern art. Carle, who grew up in Germany, was secretly shown some of Marc's paintings and was deeply affected by them.

Without the background information this is an exuberant romp through colors and animals and is infused with the joy of creative freedom. Perfect for young children and their attendant adults needing to break free from staying within the lines and from struggling to replicate reality. Here is their invitation to a free expression of something inside themselves.

For older students this is a great piece of art history in the case of both Marc and Carle's lives as artists. Great for stimulating discussions about expression, freedom, censorship and repression.


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