It's So Amazing: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families

by Harris, Robie. Illustrated by Michael Emberley. (Candlewick, 1999 ISBN 0763600512. Library Binding) Nonfiction. Grades K and up.

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Robie Harris and Michael Emberley have given us another gift. Their first collaboration gave us one of the best books on sex for kids ten and up, It's Perfectly Normal (Candlewick, 1994 ISBN 1564021998). Now they've turned their attention to the younger set, probably from five to nine years old. It's So Amazing has that same combination of warmth, humor and solid facts that the first one did. Like the first, it pulls no punches and it's most likely something parents will want to read together with their child with plenty of conversation along the way. Besides the fascinating details about the items in the subtitle, the book tells kids what they need to know but not an overload about AIDS, abortion, and birth control. Cartoon characters of the embarrassed bee and the curious bird offer reactions to the information on the page, no doubt echoing the reactions of many of the kids (and adults) who will read it. After sharing the book, and making it clear that you are on tap for further discussion and information, leave the book where it can serve as a reference as the child wants to know more. It is amazing!


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