The Place of Lions

by Eric Campbell. Novel. 208 pages. Grades 4-8.
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This is a very good survival story which has some wonderful descriptive passages of Africa in general and lions in particular. On a journey into Tanzania where his father is to take a new job, the plane carrying Chris and his father crashes. The pilot is seriously injured and unconscious. His father has a broken leg but Chris, though hurt, is ambulatory.

This is fortunate because the plane has crashed near where a pride of lions is staying and Chris is witness to incredible danger there. The older male is being challenged by a young one and only barely manages to maintain his supremacy after a fierce battle. Chris has, in the meantime, decided to go for help. Not far off poachers have machine gunned elephants and incurred the wrath of two men who love Africa and are dedicated to preserving its wildlife.

The poachers find Chris but first drive away and then decide to kidnap him. Chris has been followed across the plain by the old, dying lion and a mysterious connection has been made as both head for a hill where the lion hopes to die and Chris hopes to find help.




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