Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea

by Sy Montgomery. Illustrated by Nic Bishop. Nonfiction Photo Essay. 80 pages. Grades 3-9.
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When the rare tree kangaroo is perched high in a tree it looks a little like a monkey and a little like a bear but it is actually a kind of kangaroo. This engrossing book follows scientist Lisa Dabek's adventures tracking them down in Papua New Guinea and, for the first time ever, attaching a radio collar to find out about the mysterious creatures' habits. This is full of remarkable photographs and engaging writing.

The team ventured high into the mountains of the cloud forest of the tree climbing mammal's habitat to learn as much as possible. The author's, photographer's and scientists' passion about their expedition and the tree kangaroo is everywhere evident and contagious.

This is another brilliant book by the Montgomery/Bishop team. Other titles include The Tarantula Scientist and The Snake Scientist.

There is a bibliography and an index included along with other back matter. It's great for inspiration as a model for great nonfiction writing style. It's also a wonderful source for research into a specific animal or into science careers in general. This is a wonderful example of what it's like to feel great passion for one's work.




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