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Alternatives to Paying by Purchase Order does not currently accept purchase orders since all orders must be pre-paid. They do have many corporate and organizational customers who take advantage of one of the following alternatives:

  • Pro Forma Invoice: After you make an order marked to be paid by check, send a brief e-mail message to, asking for a pro forma invoice. They can either mail or fax it to you, and your accounting department can send a check for the order.
  • Deposit on Account: You may pre-pay orders by depositing a sum of money in an account. Create an account by making your first order. Then, simply send a check for a larger lump sum, noting your e-mail address, and they will place the funds in your account. As long as you access the same account, they will automatically draw on the available funds for future orders marked to be paid by check.

Here's more information about this page and our direct order service and how they help fund Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site.