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There are currently (as of October 2016) over 43,000 web sites created by others on the internet which recommend Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site or specific articles from our site to their visitors.

Children's Literature Web Guide puts us at the top of their list of favorite sites and gives us the following recommendation "Answer to a teacher's prayers. One of the best sites yet for reviews, teaching ideas, and creative groupings (by theme, by curriculum area, by grade level) of children's books." and rates us as "particularly valuable."

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Schoolzone 4 star rating. Highly recommended site.

Some of the criteria:

-- Website produced by a trusted source.

--Material contained will be useful to students and teachers in reinforcing learning, presentations, research and lesson preparation.

--Website is well designed and easy to use

Encyclopaedia Britannica's Best on the Internet.
Rated for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.
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One of the Two Best Sites for Reading.
logo Honor Roll Selected Site
Award StudyWeb Excellence Award
Library Spot Library Spot: best library and reference resources on the Web
Links to Go Links to Go, Key Resource for Children's Literature
logo A Password Pick.
Scout Report for Social Sciences selection.
logo SUNLINK Link of the Week
Family Friendly Blue Ribbon Site by Ecity.
Best "Best of the Net" by the Mining Company's Homeschooling site.
logo Chicago Sun-Times Pick of the Week.
logo We have been chosen twice as a featured Digital Dozen site by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse site for math and science.
award Winner of the Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD."
logo The Education Index's Outstanding Education-related Site award.
Award StudyWeb Excellence Award
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  Scholastic's 100+ Terrific Web Sites for Educators.
  Exemplary Educational Resource by NetTech
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