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Newsletter, Volume 17, Issue 2


Classroom Unit on Sports

For Preschool through Ninth Grade


cover art In spite of the popularity of this subject, sports is seldom approached within the school curriculum, so it hasn't been done to death. Sports is almost all-inclusive as far as curriculum areas are concerned and is great for a cross-curriculum unit or a school-wide focus.

It can be studied as physical science: projectiles and laws of motion, for instance. Its connection with history is obvious and it can also be studied sociologically: group dynamics, effects of competition, and self-concept. For music, there are not only the songs about sports but the role of bands as part of competitive sports.

Mathematics is easily included, not only for the statistics and their analysis, but for calculations about possible human speeds and feats based on current knowledge. There are also, of course, the economics of sports and that can be treated mathematically, or sociologically. Physical education includes health and safety as well as the various sports themselves. Geography can be included by looking at sports and games in various countries and through the Olympic games.

Finally, all these great books fill any unit with reading and writing opportunities.

cover art Here are some activities to get your ideas flowing. Below them is a wonderful selection of picture books, novels, and nonfiction (informational text) titles for you and your students. There's something for everyone, boys and girls from preschool through ninth grade. Read the whole article.


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