Curriculum Connections

Picture Books in Grades 3 and Up

by Carol Hurst. Linworth, 1998 ISBN 0938865706. Paperback.

It's really the third in a series of books I did with Lynn Palmer, Vaughn Churchill, Margaret Ahearn and Bernard McMahon. The previous volumes are available from McGraw Learning Materials. For Curriculum Connections: Picture Books in Grade 3 and Up, we took eighty-five picture books that we felt had a lot to offer older students and devoted a double-page spread to each title. We looked at each book from an artistic stance, pointing out details and techniques you might have missed with a casual reading. We linked each book to a novel, a theme and its strongest curriculum aspects so that you could see at a glance where it fit in your classroom. We took it across the curriculum, suggesting specific activities you might want to use with the book. We tried not to distort either book or the curricula by doing that and then went on to list other novels and picture books that tied in with the title book. In effect, each page of Curriculum Connections becomes a theme for study.

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