Professional Books

Most of these books were first reviewed in Teaching K-8 Magazine by Carol Otis Hurst. The major exception are the books which are written by Carol Otis Hurst.

Language Arts Professional Books

US History

Hurst, Carol Otis and Rebecca Otis. In Times Past: An Encyclopedia for Integrating US History with Literature in Grades 3-8. Order from


Hurst, Carol Otis and Rebecca Otis. Picturing Math: Using Picture Books in the Math Curriculum. Order from


Gertz, Susan et al. Teaching Physical Science Through Children's Literature.

Classroom Management

Strachota, Bob. On Their Side: Helping Children Take Charge of Their Learning.

This book uses examples from the author's own teaching tenure to illustrate the importance of discerning the real issues in a problem and asking real questions to engage students and teachers in the process of problem solving.

Portfolio Assessment

Robert J. Tierney, , Mark A. Carter, and Laura E. Desai studied the use of portfolios in local school systems for three years before they compiled Portfolio Assessment in the Reading-Writing Classroom (Christopher Gordon, 1991 ISBN 0-926842-08-0.)

Books for Parents

There's an excellent book for parents called Raising Readers: Helping Your Child to Literacy by Steven Bialostok (Peguis, 1992 ISBN 1-895411-37-8.)