So How do You Prevent Homeschool Burnout?

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mother frustrated with daughter Whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not, you are a Supermom/Superdad! The fact that you’re homeschooling alone is enough reason for you to wear a cape. But remember, even superheroes have bad days. And just like them, you have a tough job to do, and as is common with any job, it’s easy to get bored from time to time and suffer from burnout, or in your case homeschool burnout.

Sometimes you just need to hit the homeschool ‘reset’ button to make everything run smoothly again and remember just how much you truly enjoy what you’re doing. Here are a few tips to refresh your routine and prevent homeschool burnout in the process.

Let them teach you: Turn the tables and let your kids teach you what they know. Not only will they like being in charge, but they’ll also love showing you everything they know. If it makes it easier, have them pick a topic they are passionate about to discuss, or have them show you how to do something they just learned. Perhaps playing a tune on the piano, how to draw a horse, or how to solve a difficult math problem. Not only will you get to see what they are passionate about, but they’ll also get to practice their public speaking skills by playing teacher.

Change things up: Give the kids something they are not expecting. If you normally work on math and language arts first thing in the morning, then head out to the park for some physical activity in the afternoon, throw them for a loop and take them to the park first. Any change of plans, especially when it’s something as fun as the park, will get them excited and smiles are sure to follow.

Switch up your classroom: Do you typically do schoolwork in the den or a special room in your home? As a homeschooler, the world is your classroom. Why not create a traveling classroom? Head to the library one day, a picnic table at a park the next, or even set up a tent in your backyard for another remote learning day. Both you and the kids will appreciate the change in scenery, they’ll discover that learning can happen anywhere, and ‘home’schooling will take on a whole new meaning for all of you.

If you try these tips and the children are still not feeling it, then it's time to delve into your homeschool curriculum and teaching methods.

Homeschool curriculum: If nothing seems to work and the kids are just not excited about learning, perhaps it’s time to switch up the curriculum. Remember, sometimes children outgrow a curriculum. Even though you’ve been using the same homeschool program for your children, it is entirely possible that it’s no longer a good fit. If you suspect this is the case, see what else is out there, but don’t just jump right into something new. Inquire about a trial period or perhaps a money-back guarantee before committing just to make sure it works.

Teaching methods: Maybe those textbooks and workbooks are just not doing it for your children anymore. Perhaps it’s time for a new approach. Don’t forget that there are plenty of online homeschool curricula out there. An interactive, engaging curriculum can be the light at the end of tunnel. Most kids love playing games on the computer, so doing their schoolwork on one may come as second nature. Don’t be so quick to rule out a particular method, especially if you haven’t given it a try. All children learn differently and it’s just a matter of trying different methods until you find one that works.

If you’ve tried these tips and aren’t noticing a change, remember even Superheroes need help from time to time and it’s OK to ask. Get in touch with other homeschool parents, a co-op or a homeschool group. You are sure to find tons of other families just like yours who will gladly share their thoughts and offer helpful advice.