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Tips for Homeschoolers as the Holidays Approach

As a homeschooler, you might be coming up on your mid-year transition period. November offers you the opportunity to assess your homeschooling progress and review your curriculum choices.

Times are busy during the holiday season. But that shouldn’t stop you from setting some time aside to gauge where things are at. Are your children progressing at an acceptable rate? Is the schedule you’re using helping with the learning process? Is the curriculum they’re using matching their learning styles?

And don’t forget about assessing your performance. Make certain you’re providing the support your children require. Evaluate your mental and physical condition. Many parents suffer from homeschooling burnout, although no fault of their own. To eliminate fatigue, you can make small changes such as changing your schedule or teaching methods.

Assessing your child’s learning rate

Children learn at different rates. Some are quick learners and others take more time. Neither is wrong. You probably have a good idea of the rate at which your children usually learn. If they’re falling behind that normal rate, talk with them about it. Maybe they don’t enjoy the subject, or perhaps the introduction of new subject matter has thrown them off.

Regardless, solving these problems are not terribly difficult. You may want to provide more attention when they’re struggling or even hire a tutor if you think it’s necessary. Changing up your homeschool curriculum could also motivate them. A web-based curriculum sometimes alters the learning dynamic. They see the subject matter in a different light -- and have fun. Children love the interactive nature of these programs since they are so much like video games.

Revamping Your Schedule

Sometimes school, whether it’s a traditional school setting in the classroom or a homeschooling atmosphere, becomes stale. Your children, and you for that matter, get caught in a rut. The daily routine becomes the daily grind. When that happens, don’t fret. Change things up! Be daring. You’re allowed. After all, you’re the boss, the teacher, and the principal.

Just remember, homeschooling is a dynamic alternative to traditional schooling. So start later in the morning, mix in more field trips, offer different subjects such as baking or automotive shop. Get creative. This will perk you up and keep your children on their toes. Make more time for fun.

Curriculum Options

As you approach the mid-year or end of year, depending on your homeschooling schedule, start thinking about evaluating your curriculum. First off, investigate the different curriculum options that are available and affordable for your budget. Then sit down with your children and show them your ideas.

As children get older, they’ll appreciate becoming a part of this process. Maybe they prefer traditional learning with books and workbooks, or they might get excited about online programs. Perhaps they might enjoy the curriculum you’re already using.

Matching your children’s learning style with the curriculum helps them succeed and provides them with a more rewarding learning experience. Learning styles vary and include: visual, aural (auditory), physical, logical, verbal, and more. Remember this though, no one curriculum is perfect. Find the combination that works for your children and you’ll see a difference.

As the holidays draw closer, keep in mind that homeschooling empowers you to make changes -- whether significant or minimal. And although the holidays are a busy time, the end of the year offers the perfect opportunity to assess your homeschooling progress. So, enjoy the holidays and make your homeschooling experience more gratifying, for you and your children!


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