Homeschooling Through the Holidays

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The holidays are in full swing and though these times can be the most joyous, they can also be the most hectic. Between family visiting, traveling, food prepping and all the other fun activities that make up the season, it can seem hard to carve out time to focus on your child’s education. With some simple guidelines, you can accomplish everything on your to-do list and make it to all those festive events while still keeping your child learning. The following tips will help keep you on track with your homeschooling goals this season.

Make a schedule

While you might already have a schedule or routine for completing your homeschooling tasks, busy times call for modifications. Use a planner or calendar and organize everything you have going on, then determine what times are ideal to set aside for homeschooling. Morning time is usually the most recommended for maximum productivity. Homeschooling first thing in the morning gives you the benefit of ensuring that the most important tasks are already accomplished, so you can then take part in other activities later without feeling guilty.

Use on-the-go study materials

If traveling to and fro visiting family or doing errands, try to bring on-the-go educational items. Flashcards, study apps, and online curriculums can be great for this. Try making flashcards with facts that your children are learning like multiplication or bringing notebooks in the car during a long drive to squeeze in skill-building.

Holiday reward system

Use holiday fun as a reward system to motivate your child. This will reinforce positive learning and encourage them to do their best. For example, reward your child for completing their work with a holiday outing or materials to make homemade holiday crafts. You can also use holiday stickers on their work, watch a holiday movie or indulge in a holiday treat.

Using holiday themes for enrichment

While cooking during the holidays, have your child help and at the same time put their math/reading skills into practice. Have them read the recipe, measure out all the necessary ingredients, and follow directions. They can also write holiday cards to practice their handwriting. For older kids, you can suggest holiday-themed essay topics so they can practice creative or persuasive writing.

Extra help

Are family members from out of town visiting? Perhaps some members of your household have some time off during the holidays. Ask them if they would like to help with homeschooling. For extended family or older siblings, this can be a fun way to bond. Having your child learn with someone different can give them a unique perspective and give you a much-needed break.

Homeschooling is always a priority, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself during the holidays. If this is a season where you get to spend time with loved ones who you don’t get to see often, then make the most of it. Don’t add stress to your life. This season’s get togethers may be just what you need to refresh and restore focus in your homeschool.

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