Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 4. October 1997. Page 1.

Written by Carol Hurst. Edited by Rebecca Otis.

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Web Site News

Our funding situation has improved mainly due to our current advertiser, Family Network. Because of this we have lots of additional book reviews in the works and will be putting them up shortly. You can check out the "What's New" page to see if they're up yet.

The new server for our newsletter mailing list is up and running smoothly. This will also free time for more work on the web site and newsletter. Please write if you are having any problems with a subscription.

You will also notice more instances on the site and in the newsletter where there are links to the bookstore so that you can order any of the books we review while you're still online. We are finding that more and more of our users are comfortable ordering online, and it's where we purchase most books ourselves. Because they sell virtually any book in print we find we can offer books through them knowing that this doesn't influence our choices of books to review. If you order from through links on our site a percentage of your purchase goes to help us expand this site. You can read more information about our arrangement with


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