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"I can't think of anyone who knows more about children's books than Carol Otis Hurst. Not only what they're about, and who wrote them (and when), and whether they're any good - or not so good - or downright awful; but also how to make use of them. Carol can tell you which book to place in the not-very-receptive hands of a scowling, reluctant reader: just the right book, the one that will make him grin, make him read, make his life change. Or the reassuring book for the needy, troubled child: Carol knows that title, too, and how to offer it with a gentle touch.
If I were a teacher, I would think of Carol Otis Hurst as one of my most important resources. If I were a child, I would simply think of her as my most trusted friend."

- Lois Lowry


Are you planning an in-service workshop? Do you need a keynoter for your convention or parent group? Are you looking for an artist-in-residence? Do you need someone to make the reading/writing connection for your students? Are you looking for a spellbinding storyteller for your school programs?

Carol Otis Hurst may be the answer to all those needs. She can weave a magic spell as she blends books, poetry, writing and stories into an experience that will touch people of all ages.

  • Storytelling: Carol works with children in the classroom or library, telling stories that have direct connections to reading. Her storytelling style is informal and done without gimmicks or props, letting the story itself enchant and inspire, leaving children with the thought that there are many more good stories in those library books just waiting to be discovered. MORE DETAILS ABOUT STORYTELLING

  • Teacher In-Service: Carol's in-service workshops for teachers make connections between trade books and the curriculum. Teachers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available trade books. Who's got time to find the ones that fit the exact spot in the curriculum? Carol does and she brings them with her, showing teachers how to lead discussions and conduct meaningful activities based on the literature without destroying either the books or the kids' love of them. MORE DETAILS ABOUT IN-SERVICE

  • Parent Workshops: Carol's workshops for parents show how oral language and reading aloud is the key to raising readers and writers and students eager to know more. She encourages parents to relate family stories to their children, making history a personal experience. The books Carol uses in these workshops are gems that will delight the adult reader as well as the eager child listener, making the point that there is no upper age limit to a good book. MORE DETAILS ABOUT PARENT WORKSHOPS

  • Keynote Speaking: Carol's keynote addresses for conventions and large group meetings are a delightful combination of laughter and tears. She usually starts with a story and then shares with the audience their probable reactions as they experienced the story. Using that as a base Carol talks about the need for storytelling as part of the human experience. Because her own storytelling style is non-threatening, she can inspire her listeners to share some of the stories they know well with children who need and want to hear them. She makes connections between the stories and the reading/writing experience leaving her audiences wanting more. In follow-up sessions at these conventions, Carol shows ways to connect books, stories and the curriculum. MORE DETAILS ABOUT KEYNOTING


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