Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 1. January 1998. Page 1.

Written by Carol Hurst. Edited by Rebecca Otis.

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In This Issue You'll Find:

Web Site News

We are thrilled to have Random House sponsoring this issue of the newsletter. They have also been sponsoring our entire website of late. The generosity of sponsors like Random House keeps the website going and allows us to expand our offerings. Please take a moment to check out their new web site for teachers: Teachers@random.

Little Blue Cover

Recent expansions to Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site include a short Featured Book article on Little Blue and Little Yellow and a Featured Subject article on Color. We have also added a link on our "What's New" page which will take you to a service where you can sign up to be notified by email whenever the content of the page changes. Sign-up now and you won't have to wait for the next newsletter to know when new content goes up on the site.

In this issue of the newsletter, after the ISBN number for a title you will find the edition or binding of the book (such as Paperback) as an active link. This will take you to the bookstore page for the title incase you wish to purchase it from them. If the link you arrive at is not the edition of the title you would like you can follow the author's link within Amazon to find a listing of all their books, including other editions of the same title. A small percentage of your purchase comes back to us to support the web site and newsletter.


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