Owl At Home

by Arnold Lobel. Easy Reader. 64 pages. Grades PreK-3.
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Owl is more than confused; he's crazy, but his innocence is delightful. When the wind rattles the door, he lets it in to destroy his house. When he is upstairs, he wonders if he's downstairs and tries to be both. When he discovers strange bumps at the foot of his bed, he becomes furious, never realizing that they are his feet. The book is a so-called easy to read and has short, choppy sentences which we used to think made reading easier, but Lobel's talent for storytelling is so great, it overcomes the artificial boundaries he puts on it.

This book is a useful source for reading skills activities. In the story about the bumps at the foot of the bed, for instance, the author never explicitly states that the bumps are his feet. That is left for the reader to infer. Placing the sentences from the story on sentence strips and showing them, one at a time, to a group of children who have trouble making inferences can help them approach the concept together.


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  • Making Inferences, Sequence, Parts of a Book
    Use the Table of Contents to locate the chapter called "Strange Bumps." Put the sentences from the story on sentence strips. When you have the sentences in order, have one person show the strips one at a time. When you figure out what's going on in the chapter, jump up and shout "Hurray!"

  • Astronomy - Moon, Gathering Data, Making Inferences, Finding details
    Owl thinks the moon is following him. What makes him think so? What evidence does he have? Why does this happen? What evidence do you have?

  • Poetry, Comparing Literature
    Find and read the poem by A. A. Milne called "Halfway Down." Compare it to the chapter in Owl at Home called "Upstairs and Downstairs."



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