The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes

by Kenneth Libbrecht. Nonfiction Picture Book. 48 pages. Grades 4-9.
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Using a microscope, Libbrecht, a physicist, takes photos of snowflakes. The photos are simply stunning. No unit on snow or winter is complete without this or one of his books for adults.

The author describes how he takes the photos and he uses a penny to show us the relative size of the snowflakes that we'll see throughout the book. He includes an explanation of why snow appears white even though the ice crystals that make up snow are clear. Next we follow the creation of a snowflake starting with the stage of the water cycle where water in oceans and lakes evaporate and form clouds. A tiny water droplet freezes and the surrounding water vapor collects on the tiny ice crystal to build up the snowflake.

When conditions are just right this forms a beautiful six-pointed snowflake. The way in which water molecules line up when they freeze means they can't have four or seven points. Only six. The key hexagon shape is diagramed and shown in more photos of beautiful snowflakes.

Six-pointed snow flakes can grow during their paths down through the clouds in a tremendously wide variety of ways so that no two are alike. Simple and tiny snowflakes are often alike because there is such a limited number of ways the small crystals can form.

Photos of non stereotypical snowflakes are next. Many snowstorms consist of snowflakes shaped like short skinny columns called ice needles. Still odder are ones called capped columns which look like cable spools with a small snowflake for the top and bottom and a skinny spindle connecting them.

This is a wonderful science and photography book. Use it with Snowflake Bentley (see below) and other books about scientists because we get a glimpse of Libbrecht's work through this book. This also belongs in any unit on crystal formation or weather. Instructions on how to cut a scientifically correct snowflake out of paper are included.




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