Newsletter, Volume 9, Number 5



Picture Books in the Classroom

Make curriculum design a snap!!

Meet your state's requirements while strengthening all areas of your curriculum.

Starting with the best of the best in picture books for kindergarten through second grade, Carol Hurst shows you how to use them effectively in the classroom.

Each of the skills in the picture books is clearly labeled with recurring images for social studies, math, science, language arts, music, physical education and art. So the teacher can find the relevant listings with ease. This makes designing a new unit a breeze.

Then Ms. Hurst takes the best authors and illustrators separately and shows their most important books for classroom use.

A treasure-trove of effective materials to open young minds to new skills! And to an appreciation of the fun in reading books!

Are Frog and Toad brave? Might they just think they are? What people do you know about who are considered brave? Now what evidence can you give to back up that idea?

In Martin's "The Finest Horse in Town," the two children that the author imagines might have taken care of Prince got two pennies a week for their job. Figure out how much money they would have if they kept care of Prince through all the seasons the book says they did. How will you go about figuring that out?

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Random House Children's Books

BEYOND THE DEEPWOODS and STORMCHASER --- the first two novels of "The Edge Chronicles" by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell --- made their U.S. publication debut in June.

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More information about the books --- including games, a "creature guide" and maps --- can be found online at The third volume in the series, MIDNIGHT OVER SANCTAPHRAX, is scheduled to hit U.S. bookstores this fall.



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