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Literature in the Curriculum Kindergarten through Grade Two

by Carol Hurst, published by Linworth (1999, ISBN 0938865773. Paperback.). Essentially this is a complete make-over of her very first book Once Upon a Time.

This book is completely new although the intent is the same. Twenty themes that are part of most systems' curriculum in social studies, science, art, math and literature are developed in some detail using many trade books for children in the early grades. Fourteen focus books which range from last year's Caldecott winners to old favorites are analyzed, summarized and taken to those parts of the curriculum where they fit most comfortably with activities and suggestions for discussion and exploration. The final section consists of author/illustrator studies of outstanding artists in the field. The studies include some information about the person's life, a look at his or her work in general and some suggested activities about that work and then a book by book exploration of the individual books with activities suggested for each.

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Integrating literature into the curriculum is a hot educational strategy today. Hurst's book makes that task tremendously easy with this collection of picture-book suggestions. -- School Library Journal


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