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  • Castle in the Attic - by Elizabeth Winthrop. Novel. Grades 3 and up.
    England, Middle Ages
  • Catherine, Called Birdy - by Karen Cushman. Novel. Grades 5 and up.
    England, 13th Century
  • Dateline: Troy - by Paul Fleischman. Novel. Grades 5 and up.
    Greek Mythology, Turkey, 12th or 11th Centuries BC
  • Great Kapok Tree, The: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest - by Lynne Cherry. Picture Book. Grades K and up.
    Amazon Jungle, Historical to Present
  • Keeping Quilt, The - by Patricia Polacco. Picture Book. Grades K and up.
    Russia, An Immigrants History of Her Life In Russia
  • Night Journey, The - by Kathryn Lasky. Novel. Grades 4 and up.
    Russia, Jews, 1890's
  • Number the Stars - by Lois Lowry. Novel. Grades 4 and up.
    Denmark, World War II, 1943
  • Nory Ryan's Song - by Patricia Reilly Giff. Novel. Grades 4 and up.
    Ireland, Potato Famine, Mid 1800's
  • Single Shard, A - by Linda Sue Park. Novel. Grades 4 and up.
    Korea, Artisans, 12th Century

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