The Night Watchmen

by Helen Cresswell. Novel. 122 pages. Grades 3 -5.
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This title is currently (2013) out of print. It is still available used and through libraries.

Josh and Caleb, two wonderful tramps, have discovered a way to keep from being hassled by police in a new town. They dig a hole in a street, put up a sign that says, "Danger, Men Working", put a tent up next to it and settle in sure that no one ever questions people working on a hole in a street. They are, they tell Henry, the young boy who is intrigued by them and becomes their friend, Do-as-you-pleasers. They live well within their transient life style. Caleb is a gourmet cook and whips up delectable meals; they take time to look about them and notice things. Josh is working on a book about everything he's done and seen and knows it will never be finished because there's too much left to tell. When they get to a town, Josh writes letters of introduction to all the important people there telling him he would like to include them in his book and is welcomed with open arms. He's getting the ticking of a town, he tells them. Their life would be pleasant indeed except for Them, the people so jealous of the life of Do-as-you-pleasers that their eyes have turned brilliant green. When discovered by Them, Josh and Caleb must summon up the Night Train and go back There. This is a funny, exciting book. The English setting gives yo a chance to explore language differences and the tramps often speak in proverbs: "Give an inch and you'll lose a mile", "Don't drop into the glooms", "Caleb's got a nasty bark but his bite's not worth mentioning"


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    Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting. Illustrated by Ronald Himler. Picture Book. 32 pages.
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    This is a sensitive book about a boy and his dad who live at the airport. Homelessness is not a common subject for any children's book and a picture book on this small family is a daring deed for Bunting and Himler to attempt. They had to walk a fine line to tell us this story. A misstep in any direction would have brought condescension, oversimplification, false cheerfulness or hopelessness and Fly Away Home is free of all those things. Read More in our Featured Book Teachers Guide with discussion questions, extension activities, related books and links.

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    The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman. Novel. 144 pages.
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    In this Newbery Award winner Cushman propels us into the life of a girl living in the middle ages, makes us like and understand her, shows us a lot about the times and a little bit about ourselves. Alyce is an insignificant, nameless child sleeping in a dung heap when we first meet her. We know her first as Brat. Her progress from Brat working for scraps of food to Alyce, the Midwife's apprentice, is painful and thought-provoking. Read More.

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    A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. Novel. 152 pages.
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    In this Newbery Award winner Tree-ear is homeless, living under a bridge in twelfth-century Korea. A physically disabled man, the proud and ethical Crane-man, is raising him. Tree-ear loves to hide behind one of the master potters' houses in the village and watch Master Min use the potter's wheel to make delicate and beautiful celadon pottery. When Tree-ear accidentally breaks one of Min's pieces, he must work for Min to pay for the damage. Read More in our Featured Book article including classroom activities, related books and links.

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    It's Our World Too: Young People Who Are Making a Difference: How They Do It--How You Can, Too! by Phillip Hoose. Nonfiction. 176 pages.
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    So much of the news of young people in our society is sad that it was fun to read It's Our World Too. I thought by the cover that these were all young adults but the chapter that moved me most was about a class of first and second graders in Sweden who bought a rain forest. The writing is personal, emotional and so skillful that the young people cited here seem real and not too good to be true. Their projects were/are worthwhile, possible to emulate, and inspiring. This is a book to hand to students and teachers who are reading about the environment, the homeless, the handicapped and the disenfranchised and are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about any and all of these problems. Read More.


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