Catherine, Called Birdy

by Karen Cushman. Novel. 288 pages. Grades 5-9.
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The scene is a manor house in England in 1290 and fourteen-year-old Catherine, the willful, stubborn and delightful daughter of Sir Rollo and Lady Aislinn, has been asked, by her brother the monk, to keep a journal--these are her daily entries for one important year in her life.

Birdy has been promised in marriage to a richer knight than her father. Unfortunately, she finds her future bridegroom to be old, crude and disgusting. We do too. Unlike most of her friends, Birdy rebels against women's work and life. She resents her being bought and sold in order to make her father richer and she has succeeded in driving off all previous suitors. As she ponders her life and her options, she spends a lot of time painting scenes on her bedroom wall.

As we live through a year with Birdy, we learn about village, castle and manor life. We attend fairs, weddings, morality plays, masses and funerals. With Birdy, we visit a monastery. We learn about herbal medicine and the roles played by every station of feudal life. Jews are expelled from England and some stop at the manor house where Birdy, who has been warned about them, looks for their tails and wonders at their humanity.

The skill of Cushman, however, is so great that mostly we learn about Birdy. She's not just there, as are many protagonists in children's historical fiction, as a camera to witness the events for our benefit. She's a fully developed character and by the time you finish this short novel, you'll feel you know her well and regret having to leave her when the year is over.

The afterword sets Birdy's life in a larger context and contains a lot of easily grasped historical information within a few pages, as does the whole book.

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Things to Talk About and Notice

  • Birdy's relationship with her parents changes in this year of her life. What changes do you see? Why do you think this happens?

  • Perkin, the goat boy, also rebels against his role in medieval society. What do you think his chances are for success?

  • Luck plays a part in what happens to Birdy. Find some places where, if certain things hadn't happened or had happened, Birdy's life would have turned out differently. How has luck played a part in your life?

  • Birdy and Morwenna watch a play in Lincoln in which the roles of the Devil and God are acted out somewhat hilariously and Birdy thinks about what God should look like for her paintings. What do you think either or both should look like?

  • What do you think of Birdy's poetry?

  • Why do you think there's so much in the book about the saints and their martyrdom?


  • Make a list of words you would use to describe Birdy and then find evidence in her journal to support each choice of word.

  • There are many scenes Birdy describes which must have been very funny to witness. Find and read aloud some of these.

  • Birds play an important part in this book and are used as a symbol throughout. Find as many allusions to them as possible and see if you can decide why and how Karen Cushman used them.

  • Several characters in this book have conditions which today's medicine or knowledge could help: Birdy's poor eyesight, lepers, and Perkins' leg. What is the modern cure for these and other ailments?

  • Ladies of the manor were expected to heal the sick and wounded. Mostly, they used herbs as medicine. Find out about the use of herbal medicine today. Which herbs are still used?

  • Birdy is poor at embroidery (perhaps because of her poor eyesight). Examine pictures of needlework done in that time or visit a museum in which such work is displayed.

  • Birdy spends a lot of time painting on her bedroom walls. Draw or paint one scene from her description.

  • Jews are being expelled from England in this story. Did that really happen in 1290? Find out why. What others countries expelled Jews? How recently?

  • Birdy's brother has been on a Crusade. Find out more about the Crusades? Which one would George have been part of and what did they accomplish? Was George right in his opinion of them after his return?

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