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  • Newsletter 2010, Issue 4. Three New Featured Book Teacher Guides, Grades PreK through 8th. The Tiny Seed, Catwings, and Wringer.

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  • Newsletter 2009, Issue 6. Featured Book Article on Where the Wild Things Are with activities, related books and links. An Author Study of Maurice Sendak.

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  • The October Newsletter contains 6 new book reviews.
    • Workshop News
    • Book Reviews
      • Uri Shulevitz's Snow
      • John & Ann Hassett's Cat Up a Tree
      • P. D. Johnson's Henry Hikes to Fitchburg
      • Mary Lyn Ray and Barbara Cooney's Basket Moon
      • Robert Cormier's Frenchtown Summer
      • Bruce Brooks' What Hearts

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  • We've taken 100 more book reviews that were lurking in the background listed only in the by author sections and tied them in with the by titles and by grades listing so that now they're all easy to find.

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We've installed a new search page. The old one which used Infoseek was getting crowded with advertising and links to other sites. It had become harder and harder to find the results of your searches. Now we are using a service from BeSeen which uses the AltaVista database to search our site. The results are clearer, more thorough and more up-to-date. Let us know what you think.

More cross referencing has been added on many pages including cities and towns, rivers, new book reviews and many other pages. This should help people find what they're looking for.

There's a new navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page including new links to the author page, and to Carol Hurst's Consulting page. You'll also notice a side bar with smaller sponsorship ads. These ads help maintain and expand our site. Please visit our sponsors whenever you can and make sure you let them know where you heard about them.

Speaking of sponsors we'd like to welcome a new sponsor. MariInc.com will be running a banner ad on our home page for the first week or so every month through June 2000. They are the largest single source for literature teaching guides. They also carry paperback children's books and reading teaching resources. Check them out.

September 1999

Our book Using Literature in the Middle School Curriculum was reviewed by VOYA. We've posted their kind words here so you can read it yourself.

We've added links here and there including links to good lists of authors' sites.

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May, 1999

  • Great News!! There are over 100 new book reviews on the site. They have not yet been fully integrated with the previous reviews but you can find them under the by author listing. In the coming months they will be cross referenced by title, type and grade level.

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  • Now you can help support this site at no cost to you! A new deal with Amazon.com allows us to set up a special page. Shoppers who enter Amazon.com through our special page will see no difference in their shopping experience once they enter but 5% of their purchase price will be contributed to this site for further expansion. Bookmark This Page now. We also have search forms for Amazon.com at the bottom of each page which give back the same 5%. More Information.

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The latest issue of the newsletter is up.
Table of Contents:
Web Site News
Featured Subject: Mythology
Book Reviews
Featured Author: Eric Carle
Notes From the Road

August 1997

The latest issue of the newsletter is up.
Table of Contents:
Web Site News
Featured Subject: Families
Book Reviews
Featured Author: Avi
Notes From the Road

June 25th

We have signed an agreement with CliqNow to sell ads for all our pages. We are doing this in order to fund further expansion of the site. We apologize for the intrusion into your browsing but we believe it is the best way to provide you with more content. Let us know your reactions to this.

We are excited about the new possibilities this will open up for the site.

April 30th

February 10th

At long last the January newsletter is now available. My apologies for the delay. You can view this latest issue on the web or subscribe to have it sent to your email address.

Table of Contents:

  • Featured Subject: Picture Books in the Classroom, PreK-9.
  • Featured Author: Lois Lowry
  • Book Reviews: Best Books for 1996
  • Glimpses From the Road


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